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Missouri Cement Truck Accident Lawyers

Cement Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Cement Truck Accident Lawyers

Missouri Concrete TrucksMissouri cement truck accidents cause serious injury and death to drivers and pedestrians throughout our state. Delivering wet concrete to job sites, cement truck operators are under a time crunch to deliver their load within a 90 minute period. These mammoth trucks pose a risk to motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians simply due to their size. Despite their obvious concern over delivering their concrete before it hardens in the truck, the commercial drivers who operate cement trucks must have safety as their primary focus in order to prevent cement truck accidents in Missouri. Our Missouri cement truck accident lawyers work to hold negligent trucking companies and drivers accountable for the accidents they cause and the suffering individuals and families face as a result. Our team of lawyers provides expert legal counsel on a contingency basis to Missouri families who have been involved in a Missouri cement truck accident.

The size, weight and shape of concrete trucks make them a hazard to other drivers on the road. Weighing far more than most other vehicles, and with a high center of gravity that makes them prone to rollovers, cement trucks are dangerous vehicles. If an element of negligence is introduced, ranging from a distracted driver who is using a cell phone to vehicle maintenance problems or an equipment failure, a serious Missouri cement truck accident can be the result. The operation of concrete trucks is not to be taken lightly, and cement delivery companies must make safety their primary concern. While many trucking companies adhere to such standards, others take cost-cutting short cuts by using under-trained drivers, pressuring their drivers to make deliveries faster than is safe, or failing to maintain the safety equipment on their vehicles.

Factors that Lead to Missouri Cement Truck Accidents

Our team of lawyers understands that few Missouri cement truck accidents be blamed on a single factor. Instead, our Missouri cement truck accident lawyers typically find a combination of contributing factors. These are related to the basic construction of a cement truck, driver error, trucking company negligence, environmental factors, and equipment failure.

Cement Truck Weight

Cement trucks alone weigh 20,000 – 30,000 pounds, and their load may add an extra 40,000 pounds. For comparison, a typical passenger car weighs between 3,500 and 5,500 pounds, while a pickup truck or SUV weighs up to 7,000 pounds. Our lawyers find that Missouri cement truck accidents that involve any smaller vehicles, be they compact cars or pickup trucks, are likely to result in serious injury if not fatality for passengers in smaller vehicles. If anything goes awry, such a brake failure, a blown tire, or a distracted driver that fails to slow for traffic, an unassuming motorist travelling near a concrete truck is likely to lose their life. Drivers of cement trucks typically escape such cement truck accidents in Missouri unscathed.

High Center of Gravity

When loaded, cement trucks carry the bulk of their load in the mixing tank of their vehicle. This creates a high center of gravity, making cement trucks prone to rolling over. Rarely does a rolled cement truck in Missouri not involve other vehicles; the rollover may cause a cement truck accident in which other vehicles are hit by the rolling vehicle, or may indirectly cause an accident when other vehicles swerve to avoid it.

Driver Error

Cement truck operators are required to hold a commercial drivers' license, proving that they have received safety training and demonstrated competence in the safe operation of their vehicle. Driving too fast for road or traffic conditions can result in a Missouri cement truck accident, causing harm to other drivers on the road and their passengers. Safe cement truck operation means leaving ample stopping distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them, as well as driving conservatively in icy or slippery road conditions. Our lawyers will obtain documentation to see if a driver's use of a cell phone may have contributed to causing a cement truck accident in Missouri.

Maintenance Problems and Equipment Failure

Cement trucks, like other large trucks, pose a risk to the public simply because they are so much larger than other vehicles – and because most cement truck accidents result in severe injury or death. Federal and state regulations govern the types of safety equipment required on large trucks in order to lessen the severity of crashes such as cement truck accidents. If safety equipment fails or routine maintenance is abandoned, cement trucks are all the more dangerous. Problems that can lead to cement truck accidents in Missouri include brake failure and tire failure. Brake failure typically does not result from a faulty part; rather, our lawyers find that most Missouri cement truck accidents that are blamed on brake failure are actually a result of a truck company that has failed to perform routine brake maintenance. Our Missouri cement truck accident lawyers conduct thorough investigations into each case in order to determine each contributing and underlying factor in a cement truck accident in Missouri.

Free, No-Obligation Missouri Cement or Concrete Truck Accident Lawyer Consultation

When a Missouri cement truck accident take place, the driver in the cement truck is likely to survive the accident with only minor injuries. Passengers in smaller vehicles that are involved in cement truck accidents are not so lucky; serious injuries and fatality are likely for people in smaller cars.

Our team of Missouri semi truck accident attorneys can support you and your family and take the lead in seeking justice in your case. Contact us for a free case review.

Types of Accidents Involving Cement Trucks:

  • Rear-ending – Missouri cement truck accidents that involve rear-ending have serious consequences for drivers in smaller vehicles.
  • Head-on crashes – Missourians are harmed each year by concrete truck accidents that involve head-on collisions.
  • Side collision – Some Missouri cement truck accidents are side collisions, which can take place when a distracted cement truck driver switches lanes without looking carefully for smaller vehicles.
  • Multiple truck accidents (pile-up) – Missouri concrete truck accidents at high speed often result in an accident involving multiple vehicles.
  • Under-ride truck accidents – In some Missouri cement truck accidents, a small vehicle may become stuck beneath a cement truck.
  • Over-ride truck accidents – When a cement truck drives over another vehicle, the resulting situation, known as an over-ride, means horrific and deadly results for passengers in the bottom car.
  • Roll-over truck accidents – A common type of Missouri cement truck accidents are rollovers. These can cause large pile-ups when drivers struggle to avoid the rolling truck.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle cement truck accident cases including head-on, rear-ended, jackknife, sideswipe, override, underride, rollover, multiple vehicle and other cement truck accidents throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling cement truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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