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Missouri Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

Dump Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

Missouri Dump TrucksDump truck accidents in Missouri have a wide range of causes and mechanisms. We handle all types of Missouri dump truck accidents including head-on, jack-knife, multiple truck, over-ride, rear-end, rollover, side collision and under-ride truck accidents, among others.

Unlike some other types of truck accidents, Missouri dump truck accidents do not fit a single profile. Because dump trucks are used in a wide variety of settings and must travel through residential and urban areas as well as on high-speed roads and through rural areas, dump truck accidents vary greatly.

The one constant amongst all Missouri dump truck accidents is that they cause serious and permanent injury and fatality to innocent drivers in this state every year. Companies that operate dump trucks have a responsibility to ensure their drivers are safe and their vehicles are properly maintained in order to prevent harmful Missouri dump truck accidents. Our Missouri dump truck accident lawyers work to hold accountable the dump truck companies whose operators have caused Missouri dump truck accidents. Dump truck accidents in Missouri endanger the people of Missouri, and lead to suffering and loss for families in this state. Our lawyers are dedicated to providing expert legal counsel for people who have been harmed in Missouri dump truck accidents.

Why Do Missouri Dump Truck Accidents Happen?

Our lawyers trace Missouri dump truck accidents to a range of causes, including driver negligence, problems related to the vehicle’s equipment and load, and external conditions. Truck accidents are rarely caused by a single factor, and sometimes the factors most to blame for a dump truck accident in Missouri are the least obvious. Our team of expert Missouri truck lawyers completes a thorough examination in order to understand all the underlying causes of each dump truck accident case.

Truck Problems that Lead to Missouri Dump Truck Accidents

Truck Size and Design

Merely travelling on roads that are frequented by dump trucks poses a risk to passengers in smaller vehicles. Dump trucks are huge and extremely heavy, and are far larger than sedans and even sport utility vehicles. They require long distances to come to a full stop, and they can have significant blind spots. When a passenger car gets into a dump truck accident in Missouri, the results are usually catastrophic for people in the smaller vehicle.

Load Problems Cause Missouri Dump Truck Accidents

There are three primary load problems that our lawyers have found to contribute to Missouri dump truck accidents. These include oversize loads, unsecured loads, and premature dumping of loads. Oversize loads can affect the balance of a vehicle as well as its maneuverability and visibility. Unsecured loads cause Missouri dump truck accidents by throwing off a truck’s balance or when they fly out of the vehicle and create a hazard in the road. And when a load is accidentally dump into a roadway, other vehicles may hit the contents of the load or collide with other cars as they try to avoid the debris. Even though dump trucks do not typically travel for long distances, loads must be carefully considered to prevent Missouri dump truck accidents.

Equipment Failure and Dump Truck Accidents in Missouri

Brake failure and tire failure are the most common equipment problems lawyers see in Missouri dump truck accident cases. Clearly, when a heavy truck lacks adequate brakes the vehicle poses a grave risk to nearby motorists. Blown tires can cause a commercial operator to lose control of their truck and can result in a Missouri dump truck accident. Both of these conditions are typically traced back to the trucking company, as it is the company’s responsibility to ensure their trucks are in good repair and are regularly maintained in order to prevent Missouri dump truck accidents.

Driver Negligence

Because their vehicles are so huge and dangerous, and because they require expertise to operate, dump truck drivers must hold commercial driver’s licenses. A commercial license indicates a driver has been trained in the safe operation of their vehicle and has demonstrated proficiency in order to prevent dump truck accidents. Missouri dump truck drivers who drive aggressively or fail to make conservative choices and then cause dump truck accidents in Missouri can be found responsible for the damages they cause. In some cases, lawyers trace dump truck accidents related to driver negligence back to the trucking company for lack of oversight or enforcement of safety procedures.

External Conditions

External conditions that may contribute to Missouri dump truck accidents include weather conditions such as rain, icy roads, snow, fog or poor visibility, as well as traffic and road conditions. Poorly engineered roads or roads that are in ill repair may be determining factor in some Missouri dump truck accidents. In the end, however, commercial drivers are responsible for judging weather and road conditions and making conservative driving conditions to prevent Missouri dump truck accidents.

Free, No-Obligation Missouri Dump Truck Accident Lawyer Consultation

Dump trucks are driven on highways as well as through cities and residential areas and may cause accidents involving other trucks, cars, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Due to their great size and weight, which increases when the trucks are fully loaded, dump trucks and cement trucks are wide, heavy and are difficult to maneuver and stop. Missouri dump truck accidents are typically quite serious in nature for people involved who are in other vehicles and for pedestrians, causing serious injury and death.

Commercial operators tend to survive dump truck accidents without major injury. Our lawyers are committed to providing expert legal representation to individuals and families who have been wrongfully harmed in a Missouri dump truck accident case. Our team of Missouri dump truck accident lawyers can support you and your family and take the lead in seeking justice in your case. Contact us for a free case review.

Types of Accidents Involving Dump Trucks:

  • Rear-ending – Rear-end Missouri dump truck accidents pose a serious risk to smaller vehicles’ passengers.
  • Head-on crashes – Motorists are unlikely to survive a head-on dump truck accident in Missouri.
  • Side collision – Some Missouri dump truck accidents are side collisions, as a result of unsafe merging or driver distraction.
  • Multiple truck accidents (pile-up) – Missouri dump truck accidents may result in a large pileup of multiple vehicles on a high speed road.
  • Underride truck accidents – Dump truck accidents that lead to underride are highly fatal for passengers in small vehicles.
  • Override truck accidents – Rear-end dump truck accidents can lead to override situations, where the dump truck drives over the car and traps it beneath.
  • Rollover truck accidents – Rollovers occur in Missouri dump truck accidents related to an oversize or unsecured load.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle dump truck accident cases including head-on, rear-ended, jackknife, sideswipe, override, underride, rollover, multiple vehicle and other dump truck accidents throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling dump truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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