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Missouri Fire Truck Accident Lawyers

Fire Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Fire Truck Accident Lawyers

Missouri Fire TrucksFire truck accidents in Missouri have a wide range of causes and mechanisms. We handle all types of Missouri fire truck accidents including head-on, jackknife, multiple truck, override, rear-end, rollover, side collision and underride truck accidents, among others.

We are conditioned to think of fire trucks as vehicles that enhance our safety, and in most cases they are. Unfortunately, there are times that fire trucks pose a hazard to our citizens, and that is when they cause fire truck accidents in Missouri. Fire trucks are no different from other large trucks in that they truly dwarf most other vehicles on the road. They are taller, longer, wider, and, most significantly, far heavier than passenger cars and even small trucks. When drivers take risks, drive aggressively, disobey traffic regulations, or drive vehicles that have not been properly maintained, fire trucks pose a serious threat to the safety and lives of innocent motorists. Fire truck accidents in Missouri represent a portion of the injuries and fatalities sustained by motorists on our roadways each year. Our team of Missouri fire truck lawyers works to provide expert legal representation to victims of Missouri fire truck accidents and their families.

Why Missouri Fire Truck Accidents Happen

Like accidents involving other large trucks, Missouri fire truck accidents are dangerous simply because of their size. Fire trucks are extremely large and heavy. And due to their large size, fire trucks have very slow braking times, which account for some Missouri fire truck accidents. As trained professional drivers, fire truck operators have the responsibility of safely driving the truck given its known limitations. When investigating a fire truck accident, our team of Missouri fire truck accident lawyers carefully evaluates the circumstances to determine what combination of driver error, maintenance problems, or external road, weather or traffic conditions may have contributed to causing the fire truck accident.

In some cases, our lawyers find that Missouri fire truck accidents can be traced back to the unique function and operating procedures of a fire truck. When responding to calls, fire truck operators are naturally in a hurry to reach the scene of the fire. When their lights are flashing and sirens are blaring, fire trucks have the right of way and do not have to obey ordinary traffic signals. However, fire truck drivers do have to drive responsibly in order to prevent collisions with other drivers. Missouri fire truck accidents may happen when a speeding truck is not able to brake in time to avoid a collision, or when a fire truck operator drives aggressively or becomes cavalier in a non-emergency situation.

At times, Missouri fire truck accidents are blamed on external conditions such as heavy traffic, hazards in the road, or adverse weather conditions. But like the driver of any other large truck, fire truck drivers must remain attentive to the capabilities and limitations of their truck and drive in a fashion that is both efficient and safe. Tailgating, speeding, and other aggressive driving tactics can exacerbate external road and weather conditions, and result in a catastrophic Missouri fire truck accident. Fire fighters provide a tremendous service in our communities. Nevertheless, our Missouri fire truck accident lawyers believe that fire truck drivers must be held to the same standards as other professional drivers in order to keep our roads safe for drivers, children, and families.

How Missouri Fire Truck Accidents Occur

Missouri fire truck accidents with other vehicles are most commonly side-swipe accidents, rear-end accidents and head-on collisions. Fire trucks may also be involved in truck vs. pedestrian accidents and truck vs. bicycle accidents. Fire fighters are not first and foremost drivers, but driving safely is an important part of their profession. If you were involved in a fire truck accident in Missouri that you believe was caused in part by driver error or negligence, contact our team of Missouri truck accident lawyers to learn about your legal rights.

When a fire truck accident occurs in Missouri, it is usually the case that the people in the fire truck escape unharmed, while the others involved – such as a non-commercial driver and their passengers in a smaller vehicle, a pedestrian or a bicyclist – are the individuals who are injured. Missouri fire truck accidents lead to serious and permanent injuries or death to innocent citizens each year.

Our team of Missouri fire truck accident lawyers can support you and your family and take the lead in seeking justice in your case. Contact us for a free case review with one of our lawyers.

Types of Accidents Involving Fire Trucks:

  • Rear-ending – Rear-ending Missouri fire truck accidents may result from fire trucks that are driven aggressively in congested areas or on high speed roadways.
  • Head-on crashes – Head-on fire truck accidents in Missouri are extremely harmful to passengers in smaller vehicles.
  • Side collision – Some Missouri fire truck accidents are side collisions, which can take place in residential areas, on busy urban streets, or simply when a fire truck driver merges into another car.
  • Multiple truck accidents (pile-up) – When Missouri fire truck accidents occur on high speed roads, the likely outcome is a multiple truck accident or pile-up.
  • Under-ride truck accidents – Fire truck accidents in which another vehicle rear-ends a fire truck can lead to an under-ride, in which the smaller vehicle gets trapped beneath the truck. Under-ride truck accidents are almost always fatal for passengers in the smaller vehicle.
  • Over-ride truck accidents – Rear-end fire truck accidents can lead to an over-ride, a case in which the truck drives over the smaller vehicle, trapping it beneath.
  • Roll-over truck accidents – Rollover truck accidents in Missouri are likely at high speeds on curving, wet and icy roads.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle fire truck accident cases including head-on, rear-ended, jackknife, sideswipe, override, underride, rollover, multiple vehicle and other fire truck accidents throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling fire truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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