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Missouri Jack Knife Truck Accident Lawyers

Multiple Vehicle Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Multiple Vehicle Truck Accident Lawyers

Missouri Multiple Vehicle Truck AccidentsThere are many different types of large trucks on the road that cause multiple truck accidents in Missouri. We handle Missouri multiple truck accidents for semi trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks, refrigerator trucks, tanker trucks, coal-carrying dump trucks and landscaping trucks, among others.

Multiple vehicle truck accidents in Missouri, also known as pile-up truck accidents, lead to serious injuries and death for citizens in our state each year. Our lawyers work on behalf of these individuals and their families to pursue justice. Our lawyers believe that trucking companies whose vehicles cause multiple truck accidents in Missouri should be held responsible for the pain and suffering they have caused.

In many cases, large truck accidents are multiple vehicle truck accidents. Commercial trucks are much larger than other vehicles and when one jack-knifes, rolls over, or collides with another vehicle, surrounding cars and trucks are like to become involved in the collision.  In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that 81% of fatal crashes involving commercial trucks are multiple vehicle trucking accidents.  Multiple vehicle truck accidents account for nearly 4,000 deaths each year in the U.S.

Multiple vehicle truck accidents are the deadliest variety of truck accidents.  Smaller vehicles, such as passenger vehicles, are no match for heavily-loaded tractor-trailers.  Weighing up to 40 tons, commercial trucks cause severe damage to smaller vehicles.  An out-of-control commercial truck may swing or skid across multiple lanes of traffic, obliterating nearby cars.  Trucking companies are aware of the huge potential to cause serious damage when a Missouri multiple vehicle trucking accident occurs, and yet multiple vehicle truck accidents continue to happen in Missouri. 

When two or more trucks collide in a multiple truck accident in Missouri, drivers of those vehicles and any other vehicles involved are unlikely to survive.  Vehicles caught between two colliding trucks will be crushed, and the trucks often catch on fire.  Multiple truck accidents in Missouri have been known to cause high-speed wrecks among many vehicles and result in huge and deadly pile-ups.

Causes of Missouri Multiple Vehicle Truck Accidents

While Missouri multiple-vehicle truck crashes are notoriously dangerous to passengers in the other vehicles involved, there are few other factors that are predictable.  Multiple truck accidents in Missouri may result from rollovers, head on collisions, rear-endings and jack-knifing.  Multiple truck accidents in Missouri can be direct collisions, meaning multiple vehicles collide with the truck itself, or Missouri multiple vehicle trucking accidents may be indirect, as when other drivers swerve to avoid hitting a truck that is rolling over, has caught fire, or is otherwise dangerous, and in the process, hit one another.  Particularly hazardous are Missouri multiple truck accidents in which two or more trucks collide.  The most common causes of multiple vehicle truck accidents in Missouri are driver negligence, driver fatigue, aggressive driving, and lack of maintenance to the truck's safety equipment.

Because many separate cars and trucks may be involved, the cause of a Missouri multiple truck accident can be difficult to find.  Trucking company lawyers and their insurance companies often aim to settle Missouri multiple truck accident cases before a thorough investigation has been completed.  Looking out for your own best interests may mean acting quickly to find legal representation in an experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer.  Our Missouri multiple vehicle truck accident lawyers conduct a thorough and timely investigation into the circumstances of each accident, in order to determine the underlying contributing factors.

Jack-Knifing Causes Multiple Truck Accidents in Missouri

Jack-knifing truck accidents are very likely to result in multiple truck pile-ups in Missouri. Jack-knifing is a situation in which the trailer of a truck pivots on its kingpin, which is its connection point to the trailer. Jack-knife accidents may begin when a truck is on icy roads, has trouble braking, or has to swerve or brake quickly to avoid a collision. The trailer begins to sway and, if it is not corrected carefully, will sway beyond a point of no return. Generally, once a trailer is at a 45 degree angle to its tractor, a jack-knife truck accident is considered inevitable. During a full jack-knife, the trailer sways and skids until it is perpendicular to the tractor, sweeping across adjoining lanes of traffic and colliding with passing cars and trucks. Jack-knifing produces multiple truck accidents in Missouri that occur at high speed and with little warning.

Truck Company Negligence Contributes to Missouri Multiple Truck Accidents

Our lawyers understand the complex dynamics of the trucking industry and will push for a thorough investigation into causes of a Missouri multiple vehicle trucking accident. Too often, lawyers uncover information in Missouri multiple truck accident cases indicating that a trucking company has made cost-cutting measures that compromise truck safety, such as overworking their commercial operators, superseding safety regulations or guidelines, or overloading their trucks. Trucking company negligence can be an underlying cause of multiple truck accidents in Missouri.

Why Missouri Multiple Vehicle Truck Accidents Require Greater Investigation

Commercial truck drivers are professional drivers whose primary job is to operate their vehicles carefully. Trained in the safe operation of their vehicles in all conditions, truck drivers should be able to prevent their vehicles from causing most multiple truck accidents in Missouri. When a Missouri multiple vehicle truck accident does occur, a thorough investigation should be conducted. If a truck driver is found to be in violation of any one of a long list of safety regulations, such as use of controlled substances, driving in excess of the number of permitted hours, or driving aggressively, the driver may be found negligent. If the cause of a Missouri multiple truck accident is related to an overloaded truck, an overworked and fatigued driver, or a lack of maintenance to the truck's brakes, the blame for a Missouri multiple truck accident may fall on the trucking company. Regardless, if your family has been harmed by a multiple vehicle truck accident in Missouri, you have a right to seek legal advice. Our lawyers are committed to pursuing justice on behalf of families that have been harmed as a result of multiple truck accidents in Missouri. Furthermore, a successful civil case may help to strengthen enforcement of safety regulations and potentially save families like yours from a Missouri multiple truck accident in the future.

Missouri multiple truck accidents frequently result in serious injuries. The majority of people who sustain injuries in multiple truck accidents are the drivers of the other vehicles. Most truck drivers escape truck accidents unharmed. Commercial trucks tend to be much larger, higher, longer and heavier than ordinary vehicles; this huge size differential results in injuries. If you or a family member sustained an injury in a Missouri multiple truck accident, contact our Missouri truck accident lawyers for a free consultation to learn about your legal rights.

Types of Trucks That May Cause Multiple Vehicle Accidents:

  • Semi Trucks – Missouri multiple truck accidents with semi trucks lead to widespread injury and fatality for passengers in smaller vehicles.
  • Delivery Trucks – Multiple truck accidents in Missouri may involve one or more large delivery trucks as well as smaller vehicles.
  • Garbage Trucks – Drivers of garbage trucks that are involved in Missouri multiple truck accidents may survive unharmed while people in smaller cars are in great danger.
  • Fire Trucks – Fire trucks that are driven aggressively in non-emergency situations can cause serious multiple truck accidents in Missouri.
  • Cement Trucks – Cement trucks can cause deadly multiple truck accidents in Missouri when their drivers are hurried to make a delivery of wet cement.
  • Dump Trucks – Massive, loaded dump trucks are a serious force of destruction in Missouri multiple truck accidents.
  • Refrigerator Trucks – Boxy and with significant blind spots, refrigerator truck drivers can major multiple truck accidents in Missouri simply by changing lanes carelessly.
  • Tanker Trucks – Missouri multiple truck accident involving a tanker truck carrying flammable substances are likely to result in destructive fires.
  • Coal-Carrying Dump Trucks – Slow to stop and difficult to maneuver, coal-carrying dump trucks can cause multiple truck accident with just one bad move.
  • Landscaping Trucks and Lawn Care Trucks – Driver inexperience in the case of landscaping truck drivers can lead to high-speed multiple truck accidents in Missouri.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle multiple vehicle truck accident cases ranging from local delivery trucks to long-haul semi trucks throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling multiple vehicle truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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