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Missouri Override Truck Accident Lawyers

Override Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Override Truck Accident Lawyers

There are many different types of large trucks on the road that cause override truck accidents in Missouri. We handle Missouri override truck accidents for semi trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks, refrigerator trucks, tanker trucks, coal-carrying dump trucks and landscaping trucks, among others.

Missouri override truck accidents take place when a large truck collides with and runs over another vehicle in its path. Both head-on collisions and rear-endings may lead to override truck accidents in Missouri. If the passengers in other vehicles were not killed by the impact of the truck, a Missouri override truck accident is likely to yield both short- and long-term injuries. Underlying causes of override truck accidents in Missouri include driver distraction, driver fatigue, lack of maintenance and aggressive driving.

In some cases, a successful truck accident lawsuit can server to change a trucking company's policies, cause a dangerous road or intersection to be corrected or remove a defective piece of equipment from thousands of trucks operating on Missouri roads.

The trucking industry is one of the largest employers in the U.S. and is relied upon by communities of all sizes for the daily delivery of all sorts of necessary goods. It is a hugely profitable business, peopled by professional drivers. As professionals, both trucking companies and truck drivers have a responsibility to uphold a higher standard of safety than ordinary drivers. When a truck driver or trucking company causes an override truck accident, the injured drivers and the general public have a right to be outraged. Business and profits should never come at the expense of public safety. Our lawyers seek justice on behalf of individuals and families who have been harmed by override truck accidents in Missouri. Our team of lawyers offers free legal consultations on Missouri override truck accidents.

Missouri override truck accidents frequently result in serious injuries. The majority of people who sustain injuries in override truck accidents in Missouri are the drivers of the other vehicles. Most truck drivers escape Missouri override truck accidents unharmed. Commercial trucks tend to be much larger, higher, longer and heavier than ordinary vehicles; this huge size differential results in injuries. If you or a family member sustained an injury in an override truck accident, you may have grounds for a civil case. Consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Missouri to learn about your legal rights.

Causes of Override Truck Accidents in Missouri

Driver Distraction Leads to Missouri Override Truck Accidents

Driver distraction causes Missouri override truck accidents every year. Sending a text message and talking on a cell phone are two common behaviors that distract commercial truck drivers. When a truck driver is distracted from their task and suddenly comes upon slow or stopped traffic, they may not be able to stop in time to avoid a override collision, which can result in an override truck accident. As it is, commercial trucks take longer to stop than smaller vehicles and require that truck drivers observe ample following distances and pay close attention to the road. A distracted driver is far more likely to cause an override truck accident in Missouri than a driver whose attention is undivided.

Driver Fatigue Causes Override Truck Accidents in Missouri

Driver fatigue is another factor that impairs commercial drivers’ abilities to drive safely and leads to Missouri override truck accidents. A driver who is sleepy or dozing off also may not notice a traffic slow-down or may veer off the road or into another lane. Missouri override truck accidents may take place when a truck veers into oncoming traffic. When a truck and a smaller car have a head-on collision, it is likely that an override truck accident will result. Driver fatigue is a leading cause in all types of truck accidents in Missouri, and override truck accidents in Missouri are no exception. Driver fatigue is often traced back to schedule pressure exerted by trucking companies over their drivers to complete deliveries a rapidly as possible. When truck drivers encounter slow traffic related to weather or road construction, they may choose to drive extra hours or stay on the road when they are sleepy. The consequences of driving while fatigued are serious and irreversible when a Missouri override truck accident results.

Lack of Maintenance Can Result in Override Truck Accidents in Missouri

Even the safest truck driver may cause a severe override truck accident in Missouri if their truck has not been properly maintained. Brakes and tires require regular monitoring and maintenance. Brakes should be checked prior to starting a delivery, every two hundred miles while on the road, and at the end of a trip. A truck that lacks adequate brakes will not be able to stop in time for slowed traffic. Old tires that lack adequate traction or that blow out are also a barrier to a truck’s ability to stop rapidly. Anytime a Missouri truck collides with a smaller vehicle in a head-on or rear-end crash, a Missouri override truck accident is likely to result.

Trucking Companies Can Be Held Responsible in Missouri Override Truck Accident Cases

Trucking company lawyers are well-versed in the art of creative deflection. Aiming to blame Missouri override truck accidents on external factors, they may stress the impact of road conditions, weather and traffic. However, many Missouri override truck accidents include an element of negligence. Furthermore, many override truck accidents in Missouri could have been prevented if commercial truck drivers observed more conservative driving practices and trucking companies enforced safety regulations among their workforce. Due to schedule pressure exerted by trucking companies through pay by commission and over-scheduling, many commercial drivers are guilty of driving aggressively speeding, tailgating and changing lanes unsafely. Each of these maneuvers, which are risky in any vehicle, can result in fatal override truck accidents in Missouri.

Trucking companies are known for their hawkish tendencies when it comes to responding to Missouri override truck accidents. Truck companies send investigators to the scene of the override truck accident in order to gather evidence and interview witnesses in an effort to prepare their defense and mitigate their payouts. Consulting with an experienced truck accident lawyer can clarify your legal rights and avail you to a range of legal options. If you believe your override truck accident in Missouri was caused by driver negligence or can be traced back to the trucking company or a third party, you may have grounds for a civil case. When a Missouri override truck accident yields a successful civil court case, public safety will benefit as the trucking industry will be held to more stringent safety regulations.

Override truck accidents in Missouri are extremely deadly. Through the use of modern safety equipment and conservative driving practices, override trucking accidents can be prevented. Our team of lawyers is dedicated to working on behalf of people in Missouri who have been harmed by an override truck accident. We work to hold trucking companies accountable for the damages and suffering they have caused. Contact our office for a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

Types of Trucks That May Cause Override Accidents:

  • Semi Trucks – People in a passenger car that get into a Missouri override truck accident with a semi trucks are unlikely to survive.
  • Delivery Trucks – Delivery trucks with ill-maintained brakes can cause deadly override truck accidents in Missouri.
  • Garbage Trucks – Garbage truck drivers may cause Missouri override truck accidents by driving aggressively.
  • Fire Trucks – Fire trucks can cause deadly Missouri override truck accidents at high speeds.
  • Cement Trucks – Cement trucks that are speeding or lack adequate breaks may cause a Missouri override truck accident.
  • Dump Trucks – Heavy and hard to maneuver, dump trucks may not be able to avoid Missouri override truck accidents if the driver is tailgating another vehicle.
  • Refrigerator Trucks – Dangerous Missouri override truck accidents can result from refrigerator trucks that are driven carelessly.
  • Tanker Trucks – Missouri override truck accidents with tanker trucks are particularly dangerous due to the risk of fire from flammable materials.
  • Coal-Carrying Dump Trucks – An override truck accident in Missouri with a coal-carrying dump truck is likely to kill passengers in the smaller car.
  • Landscaping Trucks and Lawn Care Trucks – Override truck accidents in Missouri with landscaping trucks can result from speeding or aggressive driving.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle override truck accident cases ranging from local delivery trucks to long-haul semi trucks throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling override truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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