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Missouri Rear-End Truck Accident Lawyers

Rear-End Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Rear End Truck Accident Lawyers

Rear-End Truck Crashes in MissouriThere are many different types of large trucks on the road that cause rear-ending truck accidents in Missouri. Our lawyers handle Missouri rear-end truck accidents for semi trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks, refrigerator trucks, tanker trucks, coal-carrying dump trucks and landscaping trucks, among others.

In Missouri rear-ending truck accidents are one of the more common types of truck accidents that take place on our roadways.  Rear-end truck accidents in Missouri may involve a truck and a single car, multiple trucks, or even may cause large pileups of many vehicles.  In many cases, Missouri rear-ended truck accidents typically result from a lack of good judgment on the part of one or more drivers, aggressive driving, or the failureThe physics of bringing a fully loaded truck to a stop demand the highest level of truck maintenance in order to keep other motorists safe. to observe commercial driver safety recommendations.  They may also result from a lack of maintenance to the vehicle's various safety features, and may be exacerbated by severe weather conditions, heavy traffic or road design.   Missouri rear-end truck accidents are more serious than being rear-ended by a light truck or passenger vehicle, and all too often result in serious injury or even death.    Rear-end truck accidents in Missouri often occur on rural roads or interstate highways where one or more of the vehicles is travelling at a high rate of speed, compounding the severity of the accident.

Missouri Rear-End Truck Accident Lawyers

Lawyers that work for trucking companies are likely to go to great lengths to defend their own drivers and place the blame on external factors regardless of the true cause of a rear-ending truck accident in Missouri.  Having an experienced Missouri rear-ended truck accident lawyer on your side will ensure that all potential factors are investigated and the true cause of the accident is made evident.  In Missouri rear-ending truck accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities, and can also result in under-ride and over-ride accidents.

Contributing Factors to Rear End Truck Accidents in Missouri

In general, Missouri rear-end trucking accidents may happen in one of two ways:  a commercial truck may be slowed or stopped on the roadway and then is hit from behind by another vehicle; or another vehicle may be slowed or stopped and a commercial vehicle hits it from behind.  Commercial truck company lawyers will be quick to place blame on a vehicle that causes a rear-end truck accident in Missouri from behind, claiming the back driver was speeding or failing to pay attention to the road.  However, only a thorough investigation of the particulars of your case can reveal all the dynamics that contributed to being rear-ended in a Missouri truck accident.  In many cases, the driver or trucking company may have been involved in some type of negligent behavior that contributed to the situation.  A vast array of contributing factors have been identified in Missouri rear-ending truck accidents including driver fatigue, driver distraction, lack of maintenance, aggressive driving, weather conditions, road conditions and traffic conditions.

Missouri Rear-Ended Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is all too common within the commercial trucking industry and tired or dozing drivers have been known to cause Missouri rear-end truck accidents.  The trucking industry is a huge and ever-growing business that relies on the expedient delivery of goods all across the nation.  Many communities rely solely on trucking to receive the items on which they depend each day.  Because over-worked and fatigued drivers are known to cause rear-ending truck accidents in Missouri more frequently than well-rested truck operators, regulations limit the number of hours a trucker may drive.  When a sleepy driver operates a massive commercial truck, small mistakes such a delay in braking for stopped traffic ahead can have tragic outcomes for others on the road.

Truck Driver Cell Phone Use in Missouri Has Inreased Rear-Ending Accidents

Driver distraction is another proven cause of rear-ended truck accidents and is also under federal examination, but Missouri law permits the use of cell phones and does not restrict texting. Commercial truck drivers become distracted primarily by using cell phones to send text messages or to talk on the phone.  Drivers who are using cell phones have been found to have very poor reaction times when it comes to braking for slow or stopped traffic.  Missouri is one of only eleven states that has not banned texting while driving, showing that nationally, most experts agree on the hazards of texting. But talking on a cell phone can also distract a driver enough to cause an accident in certain conditions, particularly while the driver is dialing or talking. Truck drivers using cell phones in Missouri have caused rear-ending truck accidents.  In many cases, truck company lawyers may attempt to conceal driver phone records, but experienced Missouri rear-ending truck accident lawyers will work for you to attain those records for evidence in your case.

Missouri Rear-Ended Truck Accidents Traced to Inadequate Maintenance

Lack of maintenance to the safety features on a commercial truck make Missouri rear-end truck accidents more likely.  Safety features in place to prevent rear-ended trucking accidents in Missouri include brakes and brake lights, reflectors, horns, and even tires.  Brakes that are imbalanced or worn and tires that are growing thin or that have low air pressure will both affect a truck's ability to stop promptly.  Trucks already take an average of 40% longer to stop than most passenger vehicles.  A lack of maintenance to commercial truck brakes and tires can make a Missouri rear-end truck accident more likely.  Brake lights, reflectors and horns all fall into a category of safety devices that indicate to other drivers when a truck is approaching or stopping.  If a truck has to stop for traffic ahead or because of mechanical problems, reflectors will help other drivers to see the truck before hitting it.  Without these safety devices, other cars may approach too quickly to stop and cause a Missouri rear-end truck accident.  Federal laws regulate these types of safety devices.

Aggressive Truck Drivers Cause Rear-Ending Truck Accidents in Missouri

Aggressive driving by commercial truck drivers puts motorists in danger of being rear-ended in a Missouri truck accident.  Common driving practices that may be deemed aggressive include tailgating, speeding, unsafe merging and lane changes, and unsafe passing.  All of these maneuvers may require a truck to stop very rapidly, which in most cases it will be unable to do.  Commercial drivers are trained to leave ample space between themselves and the next vehicle in order to ensure they have enough distance to stop.  Drivers who have rear-ended others in Missouri truck accidents due to purposeful risks they have taken while driving must be held accountable for the damage they cause.  Commercial truck drivers may experience road rage or anxiety due to schedule pressure, fatigue or being overworked.  Trucking companies can and should take precautions with their drivers to reinforce safe driving to prevent Missouri rear-ended truck accidents.

Road Conditions May Contribute to Missouri Rear-End Truck Accidents

In the case of Missouri rear-end truck accidents, many external factors may combine with driver error.  These include weather conditions, road conditions and traffic conditions.  However, truck drivers are professional drivers and are trained in the safe operation of their vehicles through difficult circumstances.  External conditions are rarely the single cause of a rear-ending truck accident in Missouri.  More often, a driver fails to respond to external conditions safely or maintenance problems with their vehicle prevent them from doing so.  Rear-end truck accidents in Missouri can be very serious for passengers in other vehicles, particularly when they result in under-rides or over-rides.

Like most truck accidents, being rear-ended in a Missouri truck accident often leads to serious injuries.  However, most truck drivers escape rear end truck accidents unharmed.  Commercial trucks tend to be much larger, higher, longer, and heavier than ordinary vehicles; this huge size differential results in injuries.  If you or a family member sustained an injury in a rear-ending truck accident in Missouri, you may wish to consult with an experienced Missouri rear-ending truck accident lawyer to learn about your legal rights.

If you believe your Missouri rear-end truck accident was caused in part by negligence, lack of maintenance, or defective roads, it is in your interest to contact a lawyer to consider your case.  An experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of the myriad dynamics that contribute to rear-end trucking accidents and will conduct thorough research into accident causes.  Truck company lawyers will push to resolve the accident as quickly as possible, preferably before you have hired legal representation or your lawyer has the chance to examine maintenance records and driving logs.  Working with us can help to protect your legal rights and avail you to various legal options.

Types of Trucks That May Cause Rear-Ending Accidents:

  • Semi Trucks – Missouri rear-end truck accidents with semi trucks can result in a smaller car becoming trapped beneath the vehicle in an under-ride accident. Semis can also rear-end smaller vehicles, sometimes trapping the smaller vehicle beneath them in an override accident. 
  • Delivery Trucks – Rear ending accidents can result from the frequent stops that delivery trucks make.
  • Garbage Trucks – Garbage trucks can cause rear ending truck accidents in urban or rural areas of Missouri.
  • Fire Trucks – Fire trucks pose a hazard for Missouri rear ending truck accidents.
  • Cement Trucks – Cement trucks that have rear-ended another vehicle near construction sites or on other roadways can cause serious injuries.
  • Dump Trucks – The massive size and weight of dump trucks, and their low maneuverability, contribute to rear ending truck accident causes.
  • Refrigerator Trucks – Making deliveries in neighborhoods, refrigerated trucks can endanger pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists when they cause a rear ending truck accident.
  • Tanker Trucks – A rear ending trucking accident with a tanker truck is particularly dangerous if the truck is carrying a flammable material.
  • Coal-Carrying Dump Trucks – Notoriously difficult to maneuver, coal carrying dump trucks cause serious rear ending truck accidents on major Missouri roads.
  • Landscaping Trucks and Lawn Care Trucks – Frequently driving through neighborhoods, poorly operated landscaping trucks endanger children and families when they cause rear ending truck accidents.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle rear-end truck accident cases ranging from local delivery trucks to long-haul semi trucks throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling rear-end truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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