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Missouri Refrigerator Truck Accident Lawyers

Refrigerator Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Refrigerator Truck Accident Lawyers

Missouri Refrigerator TrucksRefrigerator truck accidents in Missouri have a wide range of causes and mechanisms. We handle all types of Missouri refrigerator truck accidents including head-on, jack-knife, multiple truck, over-ride, rear-end, rollover, side collision and under-ride truck accidents, among others.

Missouri refrigerator truck accidents cause serious and permanent injuries and loss of life to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians across our state. Some refrigerator trucks are owned by Missouri businesses, but many are operated by national companies that cross the country making deliveries. The trucking and delivery industries yield huge profits for large companies, and yet their trucks are at times responsible for harming and killing our own Missouri citizens in refrigerator truck accidents. Our lawyers stand by the belief that delivery companies that harm Missouri drivers by causing refrigerator truck accidents have to be held accountable for their errors and the resulting harm. Our lawyers offer free consultations and expert legal counsel, always on a contingency basis, for people who have been harmed by Missouri refrigerated truck accidents.

Our lawyers find that most Missouri refrigerator truck accidents can be blamed on a combination of contributing factors. For example, a refrigerator truck accident that takes place on a wet and rainy day may have been related to the fact that a driver failed to adjust their speed for bad road conditions because they were in a hurry to make a timely delivery. Ultimately, it was not the rain that caused this type of Missouri delivery truck accident, but the trucking company for pressuring their drivers to operate their vehicles faster than is safe. Or a Missouri refrigerator truck accident may initially be blamed on a driver of a smaller vehicle for moving into the truck’s blind spot despite safety warnings posted on the vehicle. But if the refrigerator truck’s brakes were in ill-repair, for example, or the mandatory warning signs were missing from the truck, this type of Missouri refrigerator truck accident may not have been the motorist’s fault at all. In each Missouri refrigerator truck accident case, our lawyers conduct a full investigation into the underlying causes of an accident and are committed to seeking justice on behalf of our clients and their loved ones.

Why Do Missouri Refrigerator Truck Accidents Happen?

Trucking Company Negligence

Refrigerator truck accidents in Missouri have a wide range of causes. All too often, a Missouri refrigerator truck accident can be traced back to a cost-cutting measure taken by the trucking company, such as hiring drivers that lack proper training, neglecting routine maintenance to their vehicles, or exerting pressure on their commercial operators to drive faster or more hours than are safe. Federal and state regulations govern the trucking industry, but many Missouri refrigerator truck accidents can be tied to some degree back to an infringement of such regulations or safety guidelines.

Refrigerator Truck Design

The mere size and design of refrigerated trucks make them dangerous to other drivers on the road. Refrigerator trucks are extremely large and tend to be wide and boxy in order to maximize cargo space. Because of their design, they have poor visibility, significant blind spots and are difficult to maneuver. Large trucks require routine maintenance to ensure that their tires, brakes and other safety equipment is in proper working order. Without these systems in place, a refrigerator truck is at risk for causing a serious accident. Truck factors, such as design elements, maintenance problems and equipment failures, contribute to refrigerator truck accidents in Missouri.

Driver Factors

Driver factors can also cause Missouri refrigerator truck accidents. Driver factors include aggressive or reckless driving, poor judgment, driver inattention and driver fatigue. Refrigerator truck drivers in Missouri must hold a commercial driver’s license, which involves a higher degree of training and knowledge than drivers of passenger cars and indicates that they can safely operate their large vehicles. Even professional drivers, if overworked or otherwise stressed, can cause Missouri refrigerator truck accidents. Some truck companies require their drivers to communicate with dispatchers while they are on the road; a Missouri refrigerator truck accident can result from a driver’s inattention to the road talking on a cell phone or typing or reading a text message.

Refrigerator trucks have certain unique risks that are unlike other large trucks. They must make deliveries to restaurants and stores in crowded urban areas, and sometimes even to individual residences in residential areas. Because they are large and inherently difficult to maneuver, any degree of distraction or aggressiveness on the part of the driver can lead to a serious Missouri refrigerator truck accident, putting pedestrians, playing children, bicyclists and motorists at peril.

External Factors

When a Missouri refrigerator truck accident takes place, the trucking company’s lawyers may be quick to blame external factors for the accident, such as traffic, weather conditions, or ill-maintained roads. While external factors can certainly play a role in causing Missouri refrigerator truck accidents, they are usually not the only cause. After all, commercial drivers have been trained to maneuver their large vehicle safely through a variety of conditions – and are encouraged to exercise good judgment and take a break when conditions become unsafe. If external factors such as adverse weather conditions were present in a Missouri refrigerator truck accident, our lawyers will carefully examine other factors that may be less obvious. Poor judgment on the part of a commercial operator or lack of vehicle maintenance on the part of the trucking company may be the underlying factors that caused a refrigerator truck accident in Missouri.

Free, No-Obligation Missouri Refrigerator Truck Accident Lawyer Consultation

In most cases of refrigerator truck accidents in Missouri, the commercial operator of the refrigerator truck will survive the accident without serious injury. But the non-commercial driver in a smaller vehicle, pedestrians or bicyclists nearby are typically not so lucky; these are the people who sustain the most serious injuries in Missouri refrigerator truck accidents. Collisions with these mammoth vehicles cause both serious and permanent injuries and death to residents of Missouri each year.

Our team of Missouri refrigerator truck accident lawyers can support you and your family and take the lead in seeking justice in your case. Contact our lawyers for a free case review.

Types of Accidents Involving Refrigerator Trucks:

  • Rear-ending – Missouri refrigerator truck accidents that involve being rear ended can result in over-rides or under-rides.
  • Head-on crashes – Head-on refrigerator truck accidents in Missouri cause serious injuries and death to motorists.
  • Side collision – Missouri refrigerator truck accidents that are side collisions may occur when a distracted driver fails to notice a smaller vehicle beside them.
  • Multiple truck accidents (pile-up) – Missouri refrigerator truck accidents, particularly those that occur at high speed, can involve many vehicles and cause widespread damage.
  • Underride truck accidents – Some of the most serious Missouri refrigerator truck accidents that take place are those in which a smaller vehicle becomes trapped beneath the refrigerator truck in an under-ride situation.
  • Override truck accidents – Another type of highly dangerous Missouri refrigerator truck accident is an over-ride accident, where the refrigerator truck drives over a smaller car.
  • Rollover truck accidents – Missouri refrigerator truck accidents that involve rollover can endanger both the truck’s driver and any nearby motorists.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle refrigerator truck accident cases including head-on, rear-ended, jackknife, sideswipe, override, underride, rollover, multiple vehicle and other refrigerator truck accidents throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling refrigerator truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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