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Missouri Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Semi Truck Accidents in Missouri | Missouri Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Missouri Semi TrucksSemi truck accidents in Missouri have a wide range of causes and mechanisms. We handle all types of Missouri semi truck accidents including head-on, jackknife, multiple truck, override, rear-end, rollover, side collision and underride truck accidents, among others.

Missouri semi truck accidents injure and kill innocent motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians in our state every year. While some of these trucks belong to local businesses, many Missouri semi truck accidents are caused by vehicles on national delivery routes. The trucking industry is led by several national companies that yield immense and ever-growing annual profits. We believe that trucking companies whose drivers cause semi truck accidents in Missouri must be held responsible for the risks they pose to our citizens, as well as the serious injuries and loss of life that occur each year on Missouri roads.

Semi trucks are inherently dangerous; they dwarf most other vehicles by a significant margin inTrucking is a commercial enterprise, and truck drivers are professionals that expect to be held to a higher standard. both dimensions and tonnage, and when Missouri semi trucking accidents do occur they are often quite serious. Operators of large trucks must possess a commercial driver's license, indicating a higher level of training and a competence with safe semi maneuvering. Safe driving means obeying speed limits, making conservative choices, and getting off the road when conditions make a semi truck accident more likely. Missouri semi truck accidents may be traced back to poor driving choices, negligence on the part of the trucking company or commercial operator, or even recklessness.

Most Missouri semi truck accidents can be blamed on a combination of circumstances; rarely is a single factor to blame. For example, a semi truck accident on a Missouri highway could result from poor road conditions in combination with speeding, compounded by a lack of proper brake maintenance. Missouri semi truck accident causes can be categorized as external conditions, driver conditions, and maintenance conditions.

Semi Truck Accidents Due to Driver Conditions

Driver conditions that may cause Missouri semi truck accidents include driver fatigue, driver distraction, and aggressive driving. Driver fatigue is such a common problem that federal regulations exist to limit the number of hours a commercial operator may drive each day and each week. However, national trucking companies compete against each other for the most efficient transport and tend to exert pressure on their drivers to move quickly. Many commercial drivers have admitted to falsifying their driving records in order to increase efficiency. Others become aggressive as a result of too much time on the road. Distraction, primarily by use of a cell phone, is another cause of semi truck accidents in Missouri. Each of these problems results in a driver who is unprepared to react to a dangerous situation, and who is not operating their vehicle in the safest manner possible. Missouri semi truck accidents caused by driver conditions endanger innocent Missourians throughout the state each and every day.

Missouri Winter Truck Accidents

Missouri Semi Truck Accidents Caused by External Conditions

External conditions that may play a part in semi truck accidents in Missouri include road maintenance problems, road design flaws, weather conditions, and traffic. While external conditions can make safe driving more difficult, commercial drivers have received extensive training on the conservative operations of their rigs. When a driver blames an external condition for a Missouri semi truck accident, there may be a second cause. Perhaps a speeding driver suddenly came upon slowed traffic and was unable to stop in time. Or a distracted driver may fail to notice dangerous damage to the road. Missouri semi truck accidents are rarely to blame on external conditions alone. If external conditions make commercial driving unsafe, the operator should stop driving rather than take the risk of endangering others.

Maintenance Conditions Lead to Missouri Semi Truck Accidents

Semi trucks are complex machines that require routine maintenance. Maintenance to the braking system is of particular importance. Large commercial vehicles take much longer to stop than small cars, even when their brakes are in good repair. If a truck's brakes are inadequate, the operator will be unable to stop when needed and may cause a Missouri semi truck accident. Tire problems can also be a cause; blow outs and lack of proper tread can lead to collisions. Finally, proper loading including balancing and securement are vital to the prevention of Missouri semi truck accidents.

Missouri Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Seek Justice for Victims

When a semi truck accident occurs in Missouri, more often than not, the driver of semi truck escapes unharmed. In most cases, a non-commercial driver in a smaller vehicle, or a pedestrian or bicyclist is the person who is injured in Missouri semi truck accidents. Collisions with these mammoth vehicles cause serious and permanent injuries or death to Missourians.

Our team of Missouri semi truck accident attorneys can support you and your family and take the lead in seeking justice in your case. Contact us for a free case review.

Types of Accidents Involving Semi Trucks:

  • Rear-ending – Rear-ending Missouri semi truck accidents can lead to over-rides or under-rides.
  • Head-on crashes – Head-on garbage semi accidents in Missouri tend to be some of the more deadly accidents that occur.
  • Side collision – Some Missouri semi truck accidents are side collisions, which may occur when a semi truck merges or changes lanes into another car or truck.
  • Multiple truck accidents (pile-up) – Missouri semi truck accidents frequently involve more than one other vehicle, causing horrific pile-ups of multiple cars and trucks.
  • Under-ride truck accidents – Semi truck accidents in which a vehicle under-rides a truck are often deadly for passengers in the smaller vehicle.
  • Over-ride truck accidents – Rear-end semi truck accidents can result in over-rides, where the truck drives over the smaller vehicle.
  • Roll-over truck accidents – Rollover semi truck accidents in Missouri are likely when a semi is driven too fast in bad road or weather conditions.

The Onder Law Firm's Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers handle semi-truck accident cases including head-on, rear-ended, jackknife, sideswipe, override, underride, rollover, multiple vehicle and other semi-truck accidents throughout the entire state. Our Missouri attorneys handling semi-truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your Missouri truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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