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The Onder Law Firm - Truck Accident Lawyers in Missouri

Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers | Free Missouri Truck Accident Lawyer Consultation

James Onder - Founder of The Onder Law FirmTrucking accidents usually have grave outcomes, all too often resulting in tragic death or injuries with lifelong consequences.   When these terrible events befall good people, it is our job as Missouri truck accident lawyers to make sure that those who suffer from such a horrific tragedy do not become further victimized by the trucking company, insurance companies, the judicial system and other attorneys over money.   We are confronted with heartbreaking stories far too frequently, where someone was involved in a Missouri trucking accident and waited until after all the evidence had been removed or even destroyed before seeking the advice of a Missouri truck accident lawyer.

Our trucking accident team's dedication to each and every case is one of the ways in which we set our firm apart from other trucking accident attorneys time and time again.

As Missouri truck accident lawyers, we understand that trucking accidents may have many contributing causes and factors. We have a unique understanding of the Missouri trucking industry, and we are familiar with the tactics trucking companies may use to minimize payouts to Missouri truck accident victims. We conduct a thorough investigation into the underlying causes of a trucking accident, including factors related to truck maintenance, load securement, road design and repair, driver inattention or recklessness, and weather conditions. We are dedicated to providing the best services of any Missouri truck accident lawyers in the state.

Large trucks are operated by professional drivers who are required to hold a valid commercial driver's license. As such, they are held to higher standards than ordinary drivers and have a responsibility to operate their vehicle in a manner that does not put others in danger. When a trucking company, loading company, or commercial driver makes a poor decision that endangers other Missouri drivers, the must be held accountable for their actions. In many cases, our Missouri truck accident lawyers represent clients who were seriously injured or lost a family member in an accident, while the commercial operator was unharmed. The extremely large size and weight of commercial trucks mean that Missouri truck accidents have a tendency to harm the people in nearby vehicles while the commercial operator escapes without serious injury. In our work as truck accident lawyers in Missouri, it is our goal to provide superior legal representation for the people who need it most.

Only by fully understanding each of our client's individual situations can we represent their needs to the fullest extent.

It is our primary role as Missouri truck accident lawyers to offer expert legal counsel to persons who have been harmed by Missouri trucking accidents. We understand that Missouri trucking accidents have truly devastating impacts on the lives of individuals and entire families, both physically and emotionally. Families may be dealing with feelings such as grief, loss, worry and anger, or may be confronted by exorbitant medical bills. People who have been through such a traumatic experience as a Missouri truck accident deserve to have honest and exceptional lawyers. Our team of Missouri truck accident lawyers is comprised of experienced litigators in the field of personal injury law who are committed to seeking justice on behalf of the victims of Missouri truck accidents.

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