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If you've been injured in a trucking accident, we can help.

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The Onder Law Firm - Truck Accident Lawyers in Missouri

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At The Onder Law Firm, regardless of whether the truck accident resulted in an irreplaceable loss of life or an injury without immediately apparent long-terms consequences, we prepare every case for trial.    We start with the facts of the case, examining in detail the individual events that led to an accident, how a product performed, or failed to perform, and other factors and we ask questions.   To answer those questions, we utilize the very best experts in their fields.  

At The Onder Law Firm, we prepare all of our trucking accident cases as if they will go to trial.

Whenever our law firm is engaged to represent a client in a Missouri trucking accident case, we initiate our truck accident response team, made up of highly experienced engineers, safety specialists, medical experts and automotive and trucking industry consultants and their various support staff.   In many cases, our engineers will utilize aerial videographers to capture intricate details of a truck accident and its causes, using those details to recreate the accident in vivid detail utilizing 3D computer modeling, such as those shown below.    These computer-generated animations allow the moments before and during an accident to be examined individually, sometimes down to fractions of a second.    Our entire approach to handling our clients Missouri truck accident cases leaves no stone unturned.    This is conveyed during pre-trial negotiations and demonstrates our preparedness to litigate our Missouri truck accident cases to the fullest extent.

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